How to use plantation shutters over sliding glass doors

Plantation shutters range in terms of their styles as well as materials made use of in making them. They are preferred by many people because they are made in a way that their stain and paint blend in a very appealing way with a person’s home décor. Additionally, plantation shutters can be suitable be adjusted in a manner to allow just sufficient light to get into a room or in a manner that ascertains privacy for people in the room. For this reason, plantation shutters are installed in doors as well as windows. In this article, we are going to have a look at how they are used in sliding glass doors. visit us at

Plantation shutters with frame 003Plantation shutters are a beautiful as well as practical way to dress sliding glass doors. These sliding glass doors usually present a challenge to dress mainly because they ought to be highly functional and as a result of their large opening. These plantation shutters are the flawless solution because they combine all the ageless beauty of a shutter together with durability. This makes them a perfect choice for those homes which have small children as well as kids.

Extended Frames and Overhead Tracks

There exist several ways of dressing a sliding glass door with plantation shutters. Most of the configurations made use of are possible by making use of standard mounts as well as frames. In case a person is in need of just a little more clearance, there exist extended mounts and frames. It is quite contrary though, some of these configurations utilise an overhead track system. It is from these overhead track systems that the plantation shutters slide and hang in a similar manner to closet doors. Overhead tracks are in positions to accommodate both bi-pass as well as bi-fold systems.


When making measurements for plantation shutters on these types of doors, it is always advisable to take into consideration the sliding door’s handle. A door handle that is protruding minimises backspace and is also in a position to interfere with shutter louver or panel operation. For clearance purposes, one may be required t make use of an extended frame. If this is not possible, one can simply replace his or her sliding glass door handle with a handle of an inset door.

When making measurements of the backspace, it is wise to make sure that one is sure to measure from the trim back or flush face of the wall to the first obstruction. This first obstruction can probably be the door handle. In case a person’s plantation shutters are the bi-fold type which have an overhead track, one may be required to have an extra inch or there about of backspace. This is mainly due to the manner in which they fold.