Advantages of limestone pavers

images (3)Limestone pavers and travertine tiles Sydney are extremely strong and durable. This makes them cheap in the long run because there is no maintenance costs. The only thing that might be expensive is the initial installation cost. This is capital intensive but it is a onetime investment. Therefore once the plan has been executed and building done chances of maintenance are almost nil. Or might be considered after very many years or just done when wanting to change preferences.

These kinds of pavers and tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes according to tastes and preferences of the end users. There are either rectangular, square or circular shapes. When these are arranged on walkways and other floor patterns they create very beautiful patterns. These cause variety when choosing on design and taste. There is also variety in colour of limestone pavers and tiles. The common ones being red, yellow, brown and white. This cause beautiful patterns on both the walk ways and the outdoor floors.

For any wall or tile building project, beauty and being versatile are among the common collections considered by clients. During installation beautiful designs are achieved by arranging either the square or rectangle pieces to form desired patterns. Examples of patterns that can be achieved include Herringbone, spiral shapes, running bond, vertical and horizontal shapes. When these are professionally arranged they form attractive properties that are liked by many people. These create various variations in the design industry.